Memorial sign of last address of - George Fels has opened
29 Oct, 2023

Sovlab asks the public information about fire in cinema storage of National archives
25 Sep, 2023

Announcement of Sovlab about fire in cinema archive
09 Sep, 2023

Sovlab's lawsuit for the transparency of archives
06 Apr, 2023

German scientific society for the European future of Georgia
07 Mar, 2023

Propaganda, Faith and Fiction: A Reflection on How the Soviet System Affected Georgian Society
18 Oct, 2022

Joint exhibition of Sovlab and Memorial launched
10 Oct, 2022
On October 7, Goethe Institute hosted a joint exhibition by Sovlab and the International Memorial Society and a panel discussion. Sovlab’s team is particularly happy that the news on awarding Memor

Statement by the Soviet Past Research Laboratory on manipulation of Georgian history by Dimitry Medvedev
04 Aug, 2022
Former President of Russia and the Deputy Head of the National Security Council Dimitry Medvedev has claimed that Georgia as a state is of “artificial” nature and that it will inevitably join Russi

Day of commemoration of the Soviet totalitarianism victims was marked in Tbilisi
30 Jul, 2022

Conference "Memory Policy in Post-Totalitarian Space - Lessons Learned"
30 Jun, 2022
On June 28, the Soviet Past Research Laboratory in cooperation with the Free University of Tbilisi, organized a scientific conference "Memory Policy in Post-Totalitarian Space - Lessons Learned" .

Presentation of the book - "Heavy Cross"
13 Jun, 2022

Presentation of the publication "Georgian-German Cultural Mosaic 1918 - 1921".
19 May, 2022

Sovlab joined Night At the Museum
19 May, 2022

We stand with Ukraine
02 Mar, 2022

Sovlab has joined Information Integrity Coalition
28 Jan, 2022

Sovlab's new project for young researchers
08 Nov, 2021

30 July - a day of remembrance of the victims of Soviet political terror
05 Aug, 2021

11 Jun, 2021

Sovlab: It's impossible for researchers to work in state archives
01 Jun, 2021

Presentation of the book "City"
24 May, 2021