The majority of the population in Georgia knows nothing about the exact location of those surviving houses, or streets, concrete spots, and public spaces where the state entities involved in Soviet Terror were placed at; Victims of repression used to live here and then they ended up being expelled from here; some of these buildings used to host state agencies deciding upon the fate of thousands; some bear last witness to the ruthless terror and repression while in some others resided the representatives of the system.

Topography of Terror Map is a virtual platform regularly filled with new data in an attempt to revive memories of thousands of victims missing without a trace to bring them back into public space. At the same time, we try to create a source that would help historians reconstruct everyday life and the spatial dimensions of mass political repressions in the Soviet Union.

Since 2011, “Soviet Past Research Laboratory” offers all interested individuals and groups different historic-educational tours prepared on the basis of Topography of Terror.

Tour venue: Tbilisi

Those who are interested can reach us via email: or give us a call: 593 78 59 01. We are also accessible on social media at the official page of our organization.

Tour terms and conditions:

Quantity of participants: minimum 5 persons. Maximum - 15

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Cost (per person):

  • Tour in English/Russian – 25 GEL
  • Tour in Georgian – 20 GEL
  • Student – 10 GEL
  • High school student – 5 GEL

All funds collected are used to cover some of the research related costs of our organization as well as directed to various publication and charity projects.