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The family stories are creating a global history

The hidden frontline in Abkhazia 1918-1921

The security system of Georgian Republic

Last address - Georgia

The memory written by the burned archives
The memory written by the burned archives

Few words about price policy of Georgian archives

The Public Archive represents a digital archive — a detailed, flexible and interactive mechanism and an open space for any interested individual or organisation

Chkheidze Veronique
1909-05-19 / 1986-07-02

Kandareli Konstantine
1902-09-13 / 1937-09-14

Levandovsky Mikhail
1890-05-15 / 1938-07-30

Kutateladze Giorgi
1889 / 1937-07-14

Okuashvili Arakel
1865-11-12 / 1937-06-27

Toroshelidze Malachia
1880-07-06 / 1937-07-10
The 2017 is jointly celebrated by Georgia and Germany as a round anniversary in the history German-Georgian relations. 200 years ago, in 1817, the first German colonists arrived in Georgia, while the 2017 is a 25 anniversary (April 2017) since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Germany and launching of cooperation between Georgia and Germany in the development sphere.

Davit Davlianidze with Uwe Grüning in Halle.
Autobiography of Neli Amashukeli